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Dec 3, 2017

Stress Among Students Challenge Before Career Counssllors


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Stress Among Students : Challenge Before Career Counssllors
Today , we are handling foreword for the new millennium development goals, it is time we must take the new challenges head on these new challenges and goals are cropping up in addition to the previous ones.

In this scenario, it is alarming to know that by a study of world health Organization it is  found that every 5th student from 10th standard to 12th standard in India is under depression This stage is adolescence which means to grow up and it is a transitional stage is adolescence which means to grow up and it is transitional stage of physical and psychological development Today, we are living in the fast changing technological age everything tends to change at a faster pace. The same effect is rubbing on the human beings also,ambitions are rising as , they seek to become more stable in terms of social status and well-being  in doing this they invariably find themselves in a very uncomfortable  situation which might be either due to peer family or societal pressure  which often affects their overall development and can also put them under depressing situations.

Stress solution

To find out the social impact of these depressing situation and its effect particularly on the student community we conducted a limited survey among the student  from 10th to 12th  and surprisingly depression emerged as one of the leading concerns, one solace is that 73% of the  respondents felt that it is healthy and normal to seek regular counseling  

It is futher observed that with the changing time the  with the changing time the education sector has changed drastically ever stream has plethora of options in additions to the traditional career  options, are so many that today the student  is bemused and the parents absolutely confused in the race of getting high percentage of marks to get admission in good college the student potential is lost same where and she/he is struggling day and night continuously they are being pressurized and unknowingly an atmosphere is created by parents and others who matter in life.
 Challenge Before Career Counssllors :-
So the major challenge before the career counselor/psychologist is today not only to access the ability strength skill and intelligence to match and inform the students about bathe emerging careers in the globalization ear and for that what skills, education and training is required

The situation has reached alarming proportions so much so that it is felt that today the parents require more counseling than the student in order to save both parents as well as students from stress and depression. Unfortunately. Even the teacher have made it to this list as they also put themselves under  tremendous pressure for making their  words perform better, unknowingly both the teachers and parents tend to pass their own pressures on to the student making them even more stressful.

If has also emerged In the survey that as soon as children reach th 10th standard the  phantom of Board Exam is let loose on them and they are  scurried to the , tuition centers, without ever giving it a serious thought whether she needs  extra coaching at all

We are not suggesting that they should not be provided  extra  help and guidance to perform better in the competitive world but should it really be required at all and if yes in what way and in which area
Stress Among
Now how to find out that whether is required or not isa BIG problem for this instead of making Board Exams monster we should get the child counseled by expert career counselors/ psychologists who will by testing their ability skill, capacity capability intelligence and attitude will tell that what she/he would do better and in which area  They will also through their experience inculcate courage and confidence so that the student will  herself/himself develop the understanding that what she/he want in life and how. She/he will be able to know about herself and for this a programmed is introduced by us this will help her/him to face the competition in future select right subjects when she/he  reaches class 12th and go ahead with confidence with whatever streams she/he selects foe herself /himself


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